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I was introduced to Ikhtiyor by Tim Buckley, another Peace Corps Volunteer. Ikhtiyor took the time to show me every rug in his store as I pointed to one and then the other. He asked me to pick the ones I liked best and then laid them out on the ground outside so I could truly see the colors and patterns. I was planning to pick out one but ended up picking three rugs that "I could just not do without". I didn't have the funds at the time to purchase them nor the ability to take them without paying, as Ikhtiyor suggested. So he actually stored them for me for three months before I could get back to finalize the purchase. He had put them away and then assisted me in getting them shipped to the States for about 1/2 the price of DHL. They arrived in the States in 3 weeks. He also provided me tea and cookies and a visit to his home where his family makes beautiful silk rugs.

Ikhtiyor has a great selection of different types of rugs and was very patient and kind in dealing with me. My next purchase will also be from him. I recommend him highly.
Diana Meistrell,
American Peace Corps Volunteer
Xorezm Region of Uzbekistan

"Since meeting Ikhtiyor and his family in 1996 his family and shop have become our supply of fine Persian rugs. Honest, charming and eager to serve, the Kenjaev family are wonderful hosts with an eye to detail. For a few years I worked in the tourism industry and all who bought from Ikhtiyor left happy, knowing that they had made a 'good' purchase, where they had received a great price for a great carpet. I myself have ordered a silk rug that his family is currently weaving. It is always a pleasure to drink tea and look at carpets with Ikhtiyor in his 400 year old caravan-saray. You can buy a carpet in the west at any shop, but there is nothing like buying a carpet from the heart of Central Asia in an authentic setting from a real Bukharan family".

Bradley Brenneman
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

"Ikhtiyor has the best selection of high-quality carpets in Bukhara. Time and again, I enjoyed tea and conversation in his charming shop in the heart of the old town. He always has a large selection of rich-hued, handmade rugs from throughout Central Asia. I wish I could have carried more of these heirlooms home"!

Timothy Buckley,
Manila, Philippines

We bought four carpets from Ikhtiyor and love each one. We chose from a large variety of ancient styles, beautiful designs, and rich colors. All carpets are relatively inexpensive and in great condition. When we got the carets appraised in the United States, we found their worth to double and even triple from what we paid. Our seller was very polite and did not try and pressure us into buying anything we didn t want. He spent many hours with us and made us feel comfortable about our decisions. Great experience; would gladly do business with Ikhtiyor again.

Maryland, USA

I've purchased 2 (Holmamat) carpets from Ikhtiyor, and plan on buying more! I gave each as gifts and the recipients were very impressed. Ikhtiyor has been wonderful to work with -- earnest and soft-sell. He gave me a tour of his home in Bukhara, where his family weaves amazing, soft, intricate silk rugs in their living room. Ikhtiyor has been great to work with, and I trust the authenticity of his products as well as his prices.

Laurie Rich,
Peace Corps USA
Bukhara, Uzbekistan
(Chicago, IL)

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